Best Pool Basketball Hoops 2021 Buying Guide – Top Pick

If you are lucky enough to have your pool and even the most miniature basketball fan. You need Best pool basketball hoops! Trick leads, long three-pointers, and productive dunks while cooling in a pool – what’s not to love?

In particular, kids are excited about the extension of a basketball goal to your pool. There’s no boundary to their creativity, and they can keep themselves entertained for hours!

These days, there is an incredible kind of pool basketball hoops on the market. In this article, I will explain what to look out for and help you pick the right one for your situation.

Who Should Get This?

Anyone who wants to bring some more fun to their pool will use a water basketball hoop. Likewise, if you don’t have a collection yourself, getting a portable option that you can take to your friends or family is an excellent way to enhance your fun while you’re out in the water.

The hoops are also ideal for families with kids. Not all adults will want to play basketball in the pool, but children or teenagers will blast shooting, splashing, and dunking. They are excellent for more prominent families as well, especially if you have a lot of gatherings.

Top Overview of Different Swimming Best Pool Basketball Hoops:

Hoop Shark Swimming HoopHoop Shark Swimming Hoop

  • Manufacturer: Hoop Shark
  • Item Weight: 4.93 Pounds
  • Model Inflatable Hoop
Check Price
GoSports Splash Hoop PROLGoSports Splash Hoop PRO

  • Manufacturer: Gosports
  • Item Weight: 55.8 pounds
  • Color: Blue & Red
Check Price
Poolmaster Splashback Poolside Basketball NetPoolmaster Splashback Poolside Basketball Net

  • Manufacturer: Poolmaster, Inc
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Model number: 72820
Check Price
Lifetime 44-Inch Poolside ImpactLifetime 44-Inch Poolside Impact

  • Manufacturer: Lifetime
  • Style: White Impact
  • Material: Alloy Steel/span>
Check Price
GoSports Splash Hoop 360GoSports Splash Hoop 360

  • Manufacturer: GoSports
  • Item Weight: 12 pounds
  • Style: Red Splash Hoop
Check Price
Dunnrite Splash and ShootDunnrite Splash and Shoot

  • Manufacturer: Dunnrite Products
  • Item Weight: 46 pounds
  • Model number: B600 Stainless
Check Price
SwimWays 2-in-1 Poolside Basketball and Volleyball SetSwimWays 2-in-1 Poolside Basketball and Volleyball Set

  • Manufacturer: Spin Master, Inc
  • Item Weight: 18.92 pounds
  • Model number: 6042387
Check Price

Floating or Poolside Hoop?

There are two various types of basketball hoops for your swimming pool or pond:

Floating Basketball Hoops

Floating basketball hoops are either amplify or come with the bottom of a bubble that provides enough resilience. They usually are amply affordable and easily transportable. Do you want to take them to your friend’s pool or the lake? No problem!

They are also excellent for dunkings that you jump from the side of the pool as you don’t have to be scared from the edge of the pool, and they don’t bother too much if you blunder and land on them.

The downside is that they can fall over, and rough water can increase the problem of making a shot.

Poolside Basketball Hoops

Poolside Basketball Hoops usually are more expensive, and the equipment is not as easy, but you get expertise that is much more familiar to playing basketball. High-quality rings give you that pretty swish you know and love, and a firm and solid hoop mean you can also stretch on edge a little bit after a powerful dunk!


When it comes to materials, you want to dodge metal as best as you can. Particularly if you have a saltwater pool, it’s hard to keep metal from decaying unless it’s a high-quality rust-free production.

Floating hoops are usually made from rubber or plastic, which are decay-free and keep the damage risk down as these materials are much soft and flexible.

Size of Hoop and Balls

Pool Basketball Hoops come in all forms and sizes. For example, the GoSports Splash Hoop PRO is a tiny more delicate than your regular basketball hoop and comes with more small and lighter balls that are easy to palm and feature fun.

If you want to take your basketball games a little more sincerely, there are also regular-size hoops where you can use any standard basketball and work on your shooting technique while enjoying the water.

Top 5 Pool Basketball Goals

1. Hoop Shark Swimming Hoop

Hoop Shark Swimming Hoop, best pool basketball hoops

Of all the hoops shown in this article, this one looks least like a legendary basketball hoop. It’s made from solid rubber with durable closures and floats on the water recognition to large inflatable sections on the bottom.

With 40″ x 46″ dimensions, this hoop is extensive and takes a while to stretch. It’s seemingly a good idea to get an air pump unless you might pass out before you are finished.

The fact that this hoop is Stretchable has its pros and cons: it needs a while to set it up at first, and even though the feature of the materials is excellent, there’s continually the possibility that someone punches a hole into the air sections. On the other hand, once emptied, it’s super easy to take with you to the lake or another pool, and the injury risk is foolish.

This hoop comes with a size 5 (kids) basketball that is shockingly abundant and high-quality. For younger kids, or stupid trick shots jumping from the side of the pool, you might want to get some other more delicate balls that are a little softer and easier to grab.

2. GoSports Splash Hoop PRO

GoSports Splash Hoop PRO, best pool basketball hoops

If you don’t like to explode on a moving target that’s drifting in the water, the GoSports Splash Hoop is a little more popular and placed at the side of the pool.

The 14-inch rim is a bit shorter than a standard basketball rim (18″), and the same is true for the two 7″ balls (compared to 9.5″) that arise with this hoop.

The hoop is made from dense and solid plastic, and the equipment takes less than 15 minutes (no tools needed!). The base can be loaded with up to 50lbs of water, making it firm enough to handle even powerful dunks by teenage boys. I also like that there are no metal bits to this creation – guaranteed decay-free!

Overall, this is an affordable, well-built, long-lasting hoop that will provide years of fun for kids and adults alike!

3. Poolmaster Splashback Poolside Basketball Net

Poolmaster Splashback Poolside Basketball Net, best pool basketball hoops

I will be the first to recognize that this poolside basketball hoop is not individually good-looking. That said, Amazon determined it reliable enough to rank as one of their preferences, and the reviews for the basketball hoop have been overwhelmingly positive.

Poolmaster boats this hoop with an incredibly rigid backboard under three feet wide, 14″ round. A weighted base can be supplied with water or sand for hoop endurance, and the PVC hoop and polyethylene will stand up to the wear and tear inherent in outdoor pools.

The Poolmaster Splashback Poolside Basketball Net begins with a basketball, inflation needs, and guaranteed good times.

4. Lifetime 44-Inch Poolside Impact

Lifetime 44-Inch Poolside Impact

This basketball hoop appears with a big 44-inch backboard, flexible height from 4 to 6.5 feet in 6-inch increases, and a regulation basketball rim.

This is the hoop to get for sharp teen boys. It can be built so high that no one can dunk (or goaltend), the standard rim enables you to use a conventional basketball, and the base is super firm – you won’t be able to pull this hoop into the pool even with your most influential SHAQ impression.

The machine is complex and requires at least one extra person and an hour of your time. You might also want to sprinkle the metal parts with Rustoleum before starting the assembly, as many customers report rust issues after 1-2 years.

Overall, this is a great swimming pool hoop for the more “serious” pool hoopers out there that don’t want to ruin their shot with flimsy basketballs and smaller rims.

5. GoSports Splash Hoop 360

GoSports Splash Hoop 360

The design of this hoop is easy but fantastic: it takes less than a minute to unite, it’s firm, doesn’t fall, and I like that it comes with two balls of various sizes and even a ball pump!

Related to other pool hoops, this one is not meant to be fixed poolside. Instead, it swims on the water thanks to the dense foam padding on the bottom. You’ll love the fact that it doesn’t occur with any blow-up air parts. This thing won’t lose resilience any time soon!

The size of the hoop and balls is possibly half the size of a standard basketball hoop. So please don’t wait to work on your free throw precision with this hoop, but it’s great fun to shoot hoops or do spectacular dunks. Kids will use hours with this hoop without acquiring bored!

6. Dunnrite Splash and Shoot

Dunnrite Splash and Shoot

This is the reward option for pool hoops: you get a big 43-inch backboard, a Standard-sized vinyl-coated rim that is stretchable up to 56 inches, and an aluminum powder-coated pole supported to remain decay-free for a long time!

The base can be supplied with 200lbs of water, making it the most robust hoop shown in this article. Even though the rim says “no hanging,” you will find it challenging to move this hoop by even the most wicked dunks!

Thanks to the regular rim size, the hoop comprises a shorter ball, but you can use any conventional basketball you already own.

Overall, this is by far the most valuable hoop in this article, but it shows! If you are looking for a super-strong pool basketball goal that will last for ten years, then the Dunnrite is your choice. Hey, if you paid all the money to get your pool, you might want to celebrate on a hoop that doesn’t leave any decay spots on your pool deck!

7. SwimWays 2-in-1 Poolside Basketball and Volleyball Set

SwimWays 2-in-1 Poolside Basketball and Volleyball Set

Another two-in-one combo kit appears to us from the folks above at SwimWays, a different well-known producer of associates for backyard pools. Easy to set up and change between plays, the SwimWays 2-in-1 Combo Set emphasizes a basketball hoop around a foot wide, a volleyball net that can stretch across a 24′ pool, and both a basketball and volleyball.

The heavy-duty base supplies quickly with water to provide confidence and safety no matter what antics you engage in, and the whole set is made of plastic, which means no rusting and corroding. The SwimWays poolside basketball hoop is simple to set up and needs no tools to install.


If you have any further questions about your pool basketball hoop, or if you want more extra information on the one you might prefer to, this segment covers several common questions.

How Tall is a Pool Basketball Hoop?

There are many pool basketball hoops, and they all appear in various sizes. The one you choose gets down to the size of your pool and the height of the players.

Is a Pool Hoop Safe?

Most pool hoops are relatively safe. Of course, there’s forever a specific risk when moving in the water, but most models set up in the simple end. That reduces any danger, and the water enables you to fall without any worries.

Can I Dunk on a Pool Basketball Hoop?

Yes. With a few exemptions, most hoops are much short. As such, just about anyone, except small children, will have no problem getting up and dunking on the ring.

How Do You Build a Basketball Hoop for a Pool?

Making your hoop is not as challenging as you may think. All you want to do is grab a rim and backboard combo at your regional sports store and then install it in or around the pool with a pole or other related device. It would help if you then painted everything, and you’re ready to play.


If you are viewing for a cheap and fun pool toy that you can take to the lake, I will go for the GoSports Splash Hoop 360.

The GoSports Splash Hoop PRO is a fun-sized poolside hoop that is Shocking strong and won’t decay thanks to the all-plastic construction.

If you want to celebrate on a Standard-sized basketball hoop, go for the Dunnrite Splash and Shoot.

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